Gilberto Durón Martinez

CAD $21 / hour
June 22, 1984

About Candidate

am a bricklayer assistant with more than 6 years of experience in the construction sector. During my professional career, I have acquired extensive knowledge and skills in various aspects related to masonry and construction in general.

My main skills include:

Experience in the preparation of construction materials, such as cement, sand and water mix, and in carrying out tasks of loading and unloading materials.

Knowledge in the preparation and use of masonry tools, such as trowels, levels, chisels, hammers and saws, among others.

Ability to read and interpret construction plans and diagrams, which enables me to accurately understand and execute assigned tasks.

Experience in the construction of basic structures, such as walls, floors, columns and foundations, using different masonry techniques.

Ability to perform finishing work such as wall covering, tiling, and coating paint.

Basic knowledge of plumbing and electricity related to construction, which allows me to collaborate effectively with other professionals in the sector.

In addition to my technical skills, I possess a strong work ethic, commitment to workplace safety, and the ability to work as a team. I am a proactive, responsible person and willing to learn and face new challenges in the field of construction.




School completed

Work & Experience

Concrete 2019 - 2023
La Piedrera Company SA de CV

• Prepare and load building materials as directed by the mason. • Assist in the construction of walls, floors, columns and foundations. • Lay tiles, tiles and other covering elements. • Perform finishing tasks, such as applying paint coats and resurfacing. • Collaborate with other professionals in the installation of plumbing and electrical systems. • Maintain cleanliness and order in the workplace. • Comply with safety regulations and occupational risk prevention.

Concrete 2015 - 2019
La Paz Desarrolladores SA de CV

• I worked in a construction team for residential projects, assisting in the construction of walls, floors and structures. • I helped in the preparation of the necessary materials and tools for each phase of the construction. • I carried out demolition and disassembly tasks of old structures, following the established security protocols. • I supported the installation of drainage, plumbing and electricity systems within construction projects. • I participated in the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment and tools used in the construction site.